Lunch Menu

Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Entrees For Lunch

Served with soup or salad. Additional soup or salad add $1
L1. Beef or Chicken Teriyaki 8.95
L2. Chicken Katsu 8.95
L4. Salmon Teriyaki 9.95
L5. Sushi Lunch
Salmon, tuna, white fish crab stick, shrimp, mackerel & California roll (does not include steamed rice bowl)
L6. Chicken Tempura 8.95
L7. Shrimp Tempura 9.95

Lunch Bento Box

Served with soup or salad and rice, gyoza, fresh fruit & pick a roll from the lunch roll special list (Additional soup or salad add $1)
B1. Beef or Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Bento 10.95
B2. Chicken Katsu Lunch Bento 10.95
B3. Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Bento 11.75
B4. Chicken Tempura Lunch Bento 10.95
B4a. Shrimp Tempura Lunch Bento 11.95
B5. Sushi Lunch Bento
(5 pcs Sushi)
B6. Sashimi Lunch Bento
(9 pcs Sashimi)

Lunch Roll Special

Served with soup or salad. Additional soup or salad add $1

Choose From the Following:
Boiled Shrimp RollCalifornia Roll
Crunchy RollCucumber Roll
Fresh Salmon RollFresh Yellowtail Roll
Philly RollSalmon Avocado Roll
Smoked Salmon RollSpicy Tuna Roll
Smoked Salmon Avocado RollTuna Avocado Roll
Snow Crab RollSpicy Salmon Roll
Crawfish RollTuna Roll
A.A.C. RollAvocado Roll
2 Rolls Special 8.95
3 Rolls Special 11.95

Hibachi For Lunch

Served with soup or salad & rice. Additional soup or salad add $1
HL1. Hibachi Mixed Vegetable 8.25
HL2. Hibachi Chicken
(Chicken Mixed with Vegetables)
HL3. Hibachi Steak
(8oz Steak with Vegetables.)
HL4. Hibachi Shrimp
(Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetables)
HL5. Hibachi Salmon
(Fresh Salmon w. Mixed Vegetables)